This page determines the "Terms and Conditions" applicable to access to the following web pages: www.antiseguros.com, hereinafter the "Website" and to the use of the services offered by ANTI INSURANCES & SERVICES SARL., Hereinafter ANTI a through this Website. All users of this Website accept that their access and use is governed by the Terms and Conditions described below, as well as by the legislation that applies in the Kingdom of Spain, therefore accepting said terms and conditions and the consequences that these could imply. The User understands and accepts that access to this tool, as well as the use that may be made of the services and information contained in it, are the sole responsibility of the person who performs them. ANTISEGUROS reserves the right to make, at any time and without the need for prior notice, modifications regarding the presentation and configuration of this tool, as well as its contents and services. The use of names and trademarks of third parties does not imply that said third parties endorse or guarantee in any way the content of this site and are used for informational purposes only. These conditions are set out below:


The Website is only available to those people who have the legal capacity to contract. Therefore, those who do not comply with this condition must refrain from accessing, browsing or using the Website, as well as providing information and personal data to be included in our databases, unless they do so through their representatives, parents, guardians or curators, as established in the applicable legislation.


Access to and use of this Website is free. The fact of browsing the Website, gives the condition of User (as defined in these Terms and Conditions) and implies the complete and unreserved acceptance of all the conditions of use of the Website. By accessing, browsing or using this Website, the User acknowledges that they have read, understood, and undertake to comply with all the conditions and terms set forth herein, including the provisions of the Privacy Policy set out by ANTISEGUROS and that it is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. If the User does not agree with the conditions described, or does not accept, the Terms and Conditions and / or the Privacy Policy, he must refrain from accessing, browsing, and using this Website, and if he wishes, communicate his disagreement to ANTI-INSURANCE. These Terms and Conditions will be understood and accepted by the user by the mere fact of registration; Furthermore, the User assumes all responsibility for the operations carried out through this WEB page. The User understands that he is responsible for ensuring that the Internet connection is reliable and secure and is not made from public places.


The terms used in these Terms and Conditions will have the meanings specified in this clause. The words that are defined throughout these Terms and Conditions must be understood in the sense that they are given in said definition. For all purposes, the following definitions will apply:

a) "Intermediary": It is the natural or legal person in charge of offering, promoting, advising and managing the insurance of natural or legal persons who have a need for protection, on behalf of one or more insurers.

b) "User": It is the natural or legal person or entities of any nature that access or use this Website for any reason.

c) "Product or Service": These are the products or services listed by ANTI through the Website.

d) "Company": Corresponds to ANTI INSURANCES & SERVICES SARL.

e) "Privacy Policy": These are the rules that govern the handling of personal data and are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.


Through the Website, ANTISEGUROS provides Users with access to information on products, especially insurance policies and services presented in most cases reliably and based on the information that the same user enters or supplies through any of our contact channels. ANTISEGUROS generates relevant and timely content that facilitates the user's task when selecting an offer and providing free advice. For the use and access to this Website, the conditions of use contained in these Terms and Conditions apply exclusively.


Personal data and other information derived from the use of this tool may be shared with insurers to facilitate the processes of quotation and improvement of commercial offers. In the same way, the User understands and accepts that ANTISEGUROS does not assume any guarantee for the information offered on the Website about the Products or Services, this is considered informative while the insurance company or supplier of the product or service makes a contract with The User where ANTISEGUROS will act as Intermediary. ANTISEGUROS does not guarantee that this website will operate free of errors, nor does it grant any guarantee about the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the products and services, information, texts, software, graphics and links. In no case will ANTISEGUROS be responsible for damages of any nature caused by, or on the occasion of the access, use, and navigation of the website user. This Website may contain links to third party websites. These links or links are provided for your convenience only and ANTISEGUROS does not endorse, recommend or assume any responsibility for the content of third-party web pages. If the User decides to access through the links to the web pages of third parties, he does so at his own risk. Finally, the insurance premiums available on this site will only be valid and applicable in this site and will not necessarily be applicable to telephone offers or to the physical branches of ANTI INSURANCES & SERVICES SARL, unless in a special offer of a insurance in particular establishes something different.


The insurances contracted through this site will be subject to the conditions in which they have been accepted by the user. Information on user data, required for contracting insurance or underwriting risks by the insurance company ANTI INSURANCES & SERVICES SARL, where appropriate, is the sole responsibility of the User. The deadlines for the issuance of the policies, certificates and others, necessary for the contracted insurance operation, will be counted from the time ANTISEGUROS and the insurance company issuing the policy have validated the proposal and the means of payment used. Both the insurer and the insured may express their consent to contract the insurance, under the terms agreed on this website, through the mechanisms that it contemplates. Only the express expression of the user's will with the intention of entering into the proposed contract may be considered as acceptance of the offer.

Once the insurance contract has been agreed, ANTISEGUROS will send the insured the policy that it receives from the insurer ANTI INSURANCES & SERVICES SARL, signed, with the general conditions (at the request of the user), additional clauses and general use clauses that have been contracted. However, the respective company may send the policy directly to the insured. These documents must be sent as soon as the last acceptance occurs, which will be the validation of the payment method offered by ANTISEGUROS or by the same insurer with which the User contracts the service. The referral will be made using a means that reliably certifies its sending and receiving, which will consist of the same email registered by the User or client when signing the insurance proposal or at the registered address, at the choice of ANTISEGUROS. It is important to note that some of the insurances may require previous inspections and reviews of the insured property.


The User may not assign their rights or obligations, totally or partially, under these Terms and Conditions. The User also agrees not to make unauthorized commercial use of this website, including but not limited to the resale of information.


ANTISEGUROS authorizes the User to consult, review, use and access this Website, only for the eventual acquisition of a Product or Service and to take advantage of the published content for the best decision making. Once the online quote request form on the Website has been completed, the User agrees that they will receive an initial email from us. This email will confirm that the User has used the Website and that a quote has been registered in our system.

The content of this Website, including but not limited to, the texts, information, graphics, images, logos, icons, software and any other material (hereinafter the "Material") are protected under Colombian copyright laws, industrial property laws and other applicable laws. All Material is owned by ANTISEGUROS and third parties, as appropriate. The unauthorized use of the Material may constitute a violation of Colombian or foreign laws on copyright, industrial property laws and other laws. The User may not sell or modify the Material in any way, or perform or publicly advertise The Material or distribute it for commercial purposes. The User may not copy or adapt the source code that ANTISEGUROS creates to generate its page since it is protected by copyright.


Users may not use or access this Website or the links or Web Microsites in order to transmit, distribute, store or destroy the Material (i) in violation of any applicable law or regulation, (ii) in a way that violates the laws on copyright, industrial property, trade secrets or any other intellectual property rights of third parties or in a way that violates the privacy, publicity or other personal rights of third parties, (iii) in a way that is defamatory, obscene, threatening or abusive, (iv) that instigates the commission of criminal acts, gives rise to civil liability or constitutes a violation of the law. Any conduct of a User, which in the opinion of ANTISEGUROS restricts or inhibits the use or enjoyment of this Website and / or any of the links or Web Microsites by other Users, is strictly prohibited. The User may not use this Website or any of the links or Web Microsites, to advertise or make commercial, religious, political or non-commercial offers, including but not limited to any request made to the Users of this Website and / or links or Web Microsites to convert them into Users of other services that constitute direct or indirect competition of ANTISEGUROS.


Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of this Website. Specifically, Users may not (i) access information that is not addressed or authorized to said User or access servers or accounts to which the User is not authorized to access, (ii) try to test the vulnerability of a system or network without due authorization or violating security or authentication measures, (iii) attempting to interfere with the services provided to a User, server or network, (iv) sending unsolicited email, including promotions and / or advertising of Products or Services of Intermediaries or third party products or services. The violation of any system or safety net may result in civil and criminal liability, and in the obligation to indemnify ANTISEGUROS or third parties for the damages generated by said violation. ANTISEGUROS will investigate the occurrence of events that may constitute violations of the foregoing and will cooperate with any competent authority in the prosecution of Users who are involved in such violations.


This Website can be used or accessed only for the purpose established in the second point of these Terms and Conditions. ANTISEGUROS prohibits Users: (a) reveal or share the password or password with third parties or use the password or password for unauthorized purposes or use the password or password of third parties; (b) include any incomplete, false or inaccurate report, text, image or information that does not correspond to reality. In any of the above cases, the User will be solely responsible for the information reported or for the violation of these prohibitions, and by accepting the Terms and Conditions, exonerates ANTISEGUROS from any responsibility for its actions and omissions.


To use or access this page, Users must provide certain data that may be considered by the applicable regulations as personal data such as a valid email address and other data described in the Privacy Policy (the "Personal Information ”). Your Personal Information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological. With the acceptance of these Terms of Use, the User grants their consent and free, prior, and express authorization to ANTI INSURANCES & SERVICES SARL to store, manage, access, use and treat their Personal Information in any way for the purposes established in the Privacy Policies and to provide or disclose your Personal Information to partner insurers and third parties for the purposes determined in the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. In any case, ANTISEGUROS will not reveal to third parties their name, address, email address or telephone number without their consent, which has been expressed by the User through access and use of this Website, by virtue of which The User You grant your acceptance and consent to these Terms and Conditions. ANTISEGUROS reserves the right to offer the User products or services of third parties.


The User, as appropriate, is responsible for the veracity, quality and accuracy of the data recorded on this Website and for the consequences of including or posting wrong, partial, incomplete, fractional or misleading information, or without legal authorization. or the holder. The User may not: (i) include or report incomplete, defamatory, false, inaccurate, outdated, incomprehensible and incomprehensible information; (ii) include material that is obscene, defamatory, abusive, threatening or offensive to any other User or any other person or entity. ANTISEGUROS., Does not guarantee, endorse or endorse in any way the access, information or content of any other website or portal in cases where such access is made from or to the ANTISEGUROS site, whether said access is made through link, banner or through any device available on the network. In this way, ANTI INSURANCES & SERVICES SARL and its subsidiaries and related companies, have no responsibility for the information provided by other websites and the consequences that may arise from it.



The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password or password. The User will be responsible for all uses and registrations on this Website, whether or not they are authorized by the User. The User agrees to immediately notify ANTISEGUROS of any unauthorized use of their registration and password.


ANTISEGUROS reserves the right to modify at any time the scope and functions of its website, to limit or cancel it as well as maintenance work, continuation of development and / or other annoyances that may limit and / or partially interrupt the possibilities of use. Under certain circumstances, data loss may occur. ANTISEGUROS does not therefore assume any guarantee on the availability of the service or the absence of technical inconvenience or loss of data.


ANTISEGUROS reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to erase all the information that the User has included in this Website including their Personal Information and to immediately terminate their access and use of this Website or certain services in the event of non-compliance on their part of these Terms and Conditions or due to the impossibility of verifying or authenticating any information that the User has presented in their registration form to access this Website.


ANTISEGUROS does not ensure that this Website and its content can be legally used or accessed outside the national territory. Access and use may not be legal by certain people or in certain countries. If the User uses or has access to this Website from a place located outside the territory of work and acquisition of the company, he does so at his own risk and is responsible for compliance with the applicable laws in his jurisdiction. All contracts that are entered into and the legal relationships that emanate from the use of this site will be governed and applicable to the national legislation of the countries where ANTISEGUROS operates and any difficulty or controversy that arises in relation to these, will be resolved before a Court corresponding to the country of use.